[18:12:02] N1n1: >when you got to poop but too busy doing anti-Illuminati analysis

people who use ecks dee
+iliketrains11(^:play on cart
Lucatroopa: ecks dee..? is that a drug?

N1n1:If you see blueskiddo or Dad1 tell em. Im gonna fuck they ass if they don't get their duu battles done
+BlueSkiddoWeCanToo: if you see n1n1
+BlueSkiddoWeCanToo: tell him i've only been ofline for 3 hours the whole day
+BlueSkiddoWeCanToo: and i havent seen dad1
+BlueSkiddoWeCanToo: and i'll fuck his ass whether we get this done or not

☆zaaya (⊙﹏﹏﹏⊙✿): why think when u can twave
@bobochan: wise words from a very wise player

Pwndkthnx: Goth is really good a
Pwndkthnx: Such a dirty slut.
#Arcticblast: can we all collectively pretend pwndkthnx didn't say that
#Arcticblast: we good?
#Arcticblast: we good.

N1n1: poll: challenge me duu
[Gen 7] Doubles UU Single Elimination Tournament created.
N1n1: poll: ban z-tr from DUU
+marilli✿: N1n1
%miltankmilk*: kanga is balanced dont hurt her
+marilli✿: thoughts on z-tr
+marilli✿: :joy:
N1n1: ban. its gay af
+marilli✿: :/
N1n1 was warned by shaian. (homophobia)
N1n1: i am gay
N1n1:in the sense of gay af.

Mishiimono)⊙﹏⊙✿(: fuck slowbro
Mishiimono)⊙﹏⊙✿(: what the shit
Mishiimono)⊙﹏⊙✿(: fucking shit

n1n1: speaking of jews and hitler
n1n1: what ever happened to iliketrains?

mishiimono: and what’s the best part of a plant to put my peen in, for maximum pleasure? please answer, my desire to pound a plant is rapidly becoming insatiable
zaaya °~°: lmfaaaaoo huuuuh
zaaya °~°: everybody knows
zaaya °~°: Venus fly traps got the best puss
zaaya °~°: Those digestive fluids
zaaya °~°: Add a nice lil tingle and warmth

n10siT: !learn conkeldurr, defog
In Gen 8, Conkeldurr can learn Defog from:
  • anywhere (move is level-up/tutor/TM/HM/egg in Gen 8)
#n10siT: ??????????????????????????????????????????????????
Fgdfgfthgr: probably just its bad breath.
%Yuichi: it defogs by pumping out highly pressurized air from its plump ass cheeks to clear the field
%Yuichi: source: pokedex

altaria to pieces: how can you live with yourself, lucius
LT4A PDC: lol
LT4A PDC: i am
LT4A PDC: starting a thread in PR
LT4A PDC: to ban stag
LT4A PDC: no joke

n1n1: hi
n1n1: anyone here ever try using Youtube?
n1n1: subscribe to my youtube
derivations: i'll take a look at it
derivations: pewdiepie is an interesting name tbh
derivations: tbh i don't like the whole "subscribe to pewdiepie" nonsense
derivations: clearly youtube is full of shit in the first place for their dumbass censoring
derivations: it should be "go watch pewdiepie on this platform [link]"
derivations: staying on it and hoping the tyrants change is just dumb
derivations: imagine thinking the only way to escape nazi germany is by voting against hitler rather than ignoring the state and leaving, that's what i see it as
derivations: i never said youtube was hitler, it's a comparison
derivations: hitler was more extreme but in their contexts they are similar
#n10siT: jews should of just
#n10siT: ignored germany
+laptops: moved to a new platform
Pwndkthnx: Wow.
derivations: should they have gone into the camps just because police told them to?

Stratos: I will die irl if regigigas mega kicks it's way to a finals w
also I lold at the g2 team
zaaya and naganadel name a more classic combo

Leave it to Reyn!: No great deed goes unnoticed. zaaya works ruthlessly to help our battle stadium world stay afloat through such difficult times.
Leave it to Reyn!: It should be to no one's surprise that he is a voice of our world, but at the same time, it means we should all be thankful for his services. Everyone, join me in congratulating our great zaaya on his latest achievement, +!

#hashtag:k n a w l e d g e

★TheDesertBoy: mega gengar is ubers wtf nice hacking by a voice
+iliketrains11(^: FUCKING

#Level 51: hey Stratos
#Level 51: knock knock
@Stratos ✈‖:who's there
#Level 51: 9/11
@Stratos ✈‖: 9/11 who

n1n1: the whole process is literally retard
n1n1: n#ggas shouldnt be complacient
@qsns: how many losses does your new alt have lol
@qsns: its really not that bad
n1n1:just got my 5th
n1n1:qsns I have to battles some bs
n1n1:psych up sable eye with +4 attack snadow sneak and sucker
n1n1:I will kill that n#gga
n1n1: seriously will fuck his ass hole apart if I catch him

why do u heff to be mad
n1n1: no lie

[20:54] @Stratos: you put your nature on whatever the highest stat is whenever you can
Chinkmater: you got this wrong
Chinkmater: it should always be +speed
Chinkmater: or -speed

#Arcticblast: I think at the beginning of all of my games
#Arcticblast: I'm just going to tell my opponents which of my Pokemon learn Ally Switch
zaaya .‿.: is that an act of nobility
zaaya .‿.: or furthering the mindgame
#Arcticblast: the latter
#Arcticblast: will I use Ally Switch? will I even have Ally Switch?
zaaya .‿.: ( •᷄⌓•᷅ )

+emma ❤: Yoda2798
+emma ❤: whats the prefix
#Yoda2798: it's
#Yoda2798: DOU MAMA

finally: what do u do zaaya
finally: play oras>
finally: okay cuck
finally: zoomer lookin ass
zaaya ◜‿◝: oras is the real mans tier
zaaya ◜‿◝: u wouldnt know
zaaya ◜‿◝: soy chugging ass femboy
finally: ok toxapex main
finally: ok that roast kinda goodf tho
finally: LOL

ShakeNBakeMormon: where did this match go so wrong?
#Level 51: when you chose your team
ShakeNBakeMormon: yeah, I guess he was doomed from the start lol
zaaya: lol
+AuraRayquaza: ,

☆Tooit: this kind of feels like your bullying me and you should say sorry

space widdly: ily
manga boTTT: I was first born in a laboratory, unknowingly falling into a pit of immortality
manga boTTT: I knew everything in the universe yet i could not fall in love i was forever trapped in an infinite timeline of pain and suffering
manga boTTT: I envy death
manga boTTT absence of god
space widdly: thats deep tanga
space widdly: deep like yo pussy

[17:31:55] n1n1: word on the street is that a Ho-Oh suspect is coming soon
[17:33:58] n1n1 was warned by Yoda2798. (ho_oh isn't being suspected)
[17:34:17] n1n1: yoda2798 you shouldnt even be hear. its 4th of July and you are british. you should be hiding in shame for what your people did

mishiimono: that milo nickname
mishiimono: snakes on a plane
mishiimono: is that a kanye reference
zaaya: :ll it's a movie
mishiimono: never heard of it
zaaya: bc ur a literal fetus
mishiimono: STFU
mishiimono: STFU
mishiimono: bro
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Minun :>
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